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Are there maintenance and support costs?

Commis ofrece un modelo de precios simple y transparente: solo pagas una suscripción mensual. Además, nuestro soporte es totalmente remoto y sin costos adicionales. Como plataforma centralizada, Commis no requiere ningún tipo de mantenimiento por tu parte. Nos encargamos de todas las actualizaciones de forma automática y completamente gratuita. Tu tranquilidad y comodidad son nuestra prioridad. ¡Únete a Commis y disfruta de un sistema eficiente y sin complicaciones!

Can I add functionalities that my business requires?

We value and take into account every suggestion we receive, as it drives us to constantly improve. Together, we create the best solution adapted to your requirements.

How long does it take once the service is contracted?

With Commis, you can achieve it in just a few weeks, without the need to make large investments in technology or make significant operational modifications. Our platform gives you the agility and flexibility necessary to quickly adapt to changing market demands, without compromising the efficiency of your business.

What percentage of commission do you charge?

There are no commissions with Commis! With our platform, you will enjoy direct contact with your customers and the freedom to choose how to manage collections and deliveries
In Commis, you are the owner of your guests' data. This gives you the opportunity to maintain constant communication with them, encouraging their return to your restaurant and generating additional orders through our platform. Your success is in your hands, and Commis gives you all the necessary tools to maximize it.

I already have a website, what good is the one you provide me?

Commis is presented as a comprehensive solution by synchronizing orders coming from both the Mobile App and your e-commerce that we provide you. As it is a unified development, both platforms share the same logistics for home delivery and collection service. This seamless integration gives you centralized control of all operations, facilitating efficient order management and optimizing the experience for both your customers and your team. With Commis, maximize the efficiency of your restaurant by unifying logistics and enjoy fluid and uncomplicated management.

I don't have a website, is it necessary?

At Commis, we understand the importance of offering efficient and direct solutions. For this reason, we are happy to announce that it is not necessary to have a website for your restaurant. Instead, we will provide you with custom links that will give you access to your e-commerce, mobile app, and the corresponding administrator.


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Discover the perfect plans to take your business to the next level with our mobile app! No matter the size of your business, we have customized options for you. Don't miss the opportunity to stand out in the competitive gastronomic market! Boost your restaurant and win over your customers today!


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